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Principles and Practice of Accounting-1-1

Business Laws and Business Correspondence Reporting

The second paper in the CA Foundation course – Business Laws and Correspondence and Reporting is the second paper in C A foundation and this paper introduces the students to the different forms of Organizations, their functions, strategies and the laws that govern these organizations. Law, is very much in need so as to avoid conflicts between social groups and commercial establishments In other words we can say that modern business is built on the foundation of law and helps in making it organized. Basically the business organization are governed by various laws. Here at Unicus Academy we provide Online video classes which guide you with various applicable laws governing and influencing business organizations.

Business Laws and Business Correspondence Reporting-1


Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics

When in a CA Profession one requires analytical and quantitative skills that needs to be applied in every part of his/her professional career. Logical reasoning helps you to think practically, increase the screening skills and boost analyzing capability which is very crucial in CA Profession .Unicus Academy intends to develop the analytical ability of the students by making use of the basic mathematical and statistical techniques. When it comes to Statistics we must say that it plays a very vital role in enriching a specific domain or an area by collecting, analyzing data by applying various statistical techniques and making statistical inferences about the domain.

Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics-1


Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

Very often we can see people talk about the price hike or fall in market value, change in Tax structure, Pricing, GDP growth rate, etc., It also makes us think as to why do we pay tax, how are the exchange rates calculated and why is it varying, and why are there no changes in services of the various kinds of social media like WhatsApp and Facebook and what is the need for international trade agreements etc .This paper in C A foundation helps students understand these dynamics and also interpret such dynamics happening around us.

The study of economics in C A helps understand the social, political, technological, legal and environmental activities and make appropriate decisions. Business Economics which integrates economic theory with business practice helps in the process of decision making. Business Economics helps students contribute to the further advancement of the Indian Economy. It is a known fact that Business Environment is a combination of internal and external factors that
influence a business organization.

Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge-1


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